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2005               The Road Show, St John's College, Santa Fe, NM
2005               PhotoArts, Santa Fe
2003-5            The Darkroom Gallery

2003               Klebau Photography Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2002-3            Photogenesis Gallery, Santa Fe NM

2000               Patina Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1998               CFM Gallery, Soho, New York, NY

1997               Gallery Eclectic - Southampton, NY

1996               Broome Street Gallery, Soho, New York, NY

1994               Benson Gallery, East Hampton, NY

1993               Naked Eye, New York, NY

1989               Image Makers, Santa Monica, CA

1987               Rosenberg Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA





In addition to her NYC “Subway Series”, Barbara’s most recent work captures the texture and drama of the New Mexico landscape, making full use of photography’s many alternatives.  The expansive views rich in history are uplifting to one’s spirit.  Photographing the Spanish Mustang, a living legend and national treasure, has also become a passion. 


Barbara’s artwork reflects meticulous attention to detail and preparation to insure archival quality. A favorite image is worked in various applications: a 30X40 black & white print is oil tinted; negatives are created to employ the Platinum/Palladium process, the most archival of all photographs. 


 “Working in the darkroom takes me on a journey.  It is an endless exploration of the possibilities, a pilgrimage.  It is an intimate experience, getting lost with creation and the image selected.   The still photograph is a freezing of a moment, of catching an expression in time, to be savored over and over again.” 





Barbara Seiler has lived in New York City and Los Angeles and has now settled in Galisteo, New Mexico.  She began her career working for studio photographer Bud Fraker of Beverly Hills. 


Later, in New York and LA, she worked as an assistant film editor, incorporating her stills into documentary film projects.  Finally, she has used her reportage skills for print ads and as a still photographer for commercials and feature films. 


Traveling extensively in the U.S. and Europe, Barbara has captured a vast collection of superb photographic images.


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